Auto Gate – Gate motors, Garage motors and doors

Auto-Gate is dedicated to offer solutions and services for the diverse needs in in the security industry found in South Africa.

We supply the latest products available in the security industry including electric motor devices, electric fencing, alarm systems, intecom systems and garage doors. With a high quality product and many years of valued experience, we have the best service in the area.

Whether it’s gate motors, garage door motors, gate motor remote controls, parts, access control or gate accessories you’re looking for, we can assist you!  We are very reliability and our low prices make us the perfect choice if you require a gate motor, garage door motor or parts and accessories for an existing one. only supplies the best quality gate and garage door motors, parts and accessories supplied to work efficiently with your existing gate and fencing.

We offer a service to meet your every need.  A gate motor or garage door motor from Auto Gate is supplied for years of security and reliable operation whether you have a fence or wall. We also have every type of access control product known in South Africa thats available to you.

What defines a gate motor?

The spine of an electric gate is the gate motor, this is what ensures the gate to open and close. Gate motors can be fitted onto gates which swing open or those that open to the. side open, and the strength of the motor depends on the size and weight of the gate. To initiate the opening of the gate, typically a remote control, optical scanner or other device signals the gate controller.

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All you need to know about Gates

Gates are engineered according to the needs of the customer. With everything getting hi-tech, gates too are currently equipped with the latest technology. From what initially were offered in wood, aluminum or iron, gates have now became automatic gates or auto gates that are operated by a remote control. Technology has made life easier with the invention of automated gate.

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